The Westing Game Essay example

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The title of my book is The Westing Game. The author of my book is Ellen Raskin. The main characters in the book are Sam Westing, Madame Sun Lin Hoo, Jake Wexler, Turtle Wexler, Flora Baumbauch, Chris Theodorakis, D. Denton Deere, Alexander McSouthers, J.J. Ford, Grace Wexler, James Shin Hoo, Berthe Erica Crow, Julian R. Eastman, Amber Otis, Theo Theodorakis, Doug Hoo, Sydelle Pulaski, Barney Northrup, and Angela Wexler. My favorite character is Angela because she is really pretty and is a great friend to Sydelle when she fractures her ankle. The story takes place at Sunset Towers.
It all starts out when Sam, Turtle, and Doug, have a bet on Halloween with some other people that they could stay in this hunted old house who someone died in
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They thought about sharing their clues but they decided not to. Two days later someone seemed to have stolen something from almost everyone like Sydelle’s notebook, Mrs.Wexler’s gold cross, and Turtle’s mickey alarm clock. A few weeks later a bomb went off in Mr. Hoo’s restaurant, and Sydelle fractured her ankle. Because Mr. Hoo’s restaurant needed to be prepared they had to have all 3 courses at the coffee shop. The next few days after that Mrs. Wexler got ready for Angela’s Bridle Shower. When Angela opened a gift at the bridle shower it blew up. Angela got a huge cut across her face and in some other places, too. So now she and her partner were both in the hospital.
J. J. Ford thought Sam did not die he was trying to get revenge on someone but who? Why? So she asked Barney a private investigator to talk to everyone and find out about them and thing like what connections they have to Sam. So he made files of everyone. When she was looking at Mrs. Wexler’ s file she saw that her last name was Windlopper, but she said that she was related to Sam Wexler. So she thought that she wasn’t really related to him she just said she was. But it said that she was related to Berthe Erica Crow who was married to Windy Windlopper. So the only one she was related to was the cleaning lady. Then she thought after reviewing all the people that maybe he thinks someone in this hotel killed his daughter violet who looked like Angela. Because

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