The Wetlands At Broward College Essay example

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The wetlands at Broward College may look like a minor detail but in truth this area is an important part of the environment. Wetlands are a portion of land, filled with water either covered or surrounded by soil (EPA). According to the Environmental Protection Agency there are non-tidal and tidal wetlands. Tidal wetlands are wetlands with mixtures of salt and freshwater, located along various coasts. Non-tidal wetlands compared to the wetlands we sampled, are fresh water wetlands surrounded by land .
The areas we tested were stations two, eight and fourteen; out of the three stations fourteen is the oldest. Station fourteen is the eldest area therefore it has different characteristics than the newer stations because throughout the years it has flourished. The surface is covered with vegetation while the bottom is consisted of thick heavy mud due to the decomposition of plants and animals over the years. Station two and eight (new areas) are similar because they were both formed in the mid-1990s. During this time the stations were only land, until they were blasted out to control Florida’s flooding. Instead of muddy soil like Station fourteen, these stations have a calcium carbonate base of rock. The bedrock gives the areas less of an opportunity to grow significant amounts of greenery in contrast to station 14. In order for one to conclude if the wetlands are healthy they would have to be tested for the following parameters. The factors we examine when analyzing the…

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