TheAdventuresofHuckleberryFinn Ch Essay

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Chapters 1-5 (1-V) pages 1-17: Status Quo and Conformity: Civilizing Huck
1. How and why does Twain establish Huck’s voice as storyteller? What do we learn about Huck from what he reveals of other characters’ assessments of him?
2. Make two columns, listing Huck’s clear likes and dislikes as he reveals them in these chapters. What things does he have trouble understanding?
3. What are Huck’s feelings about his adoption by the Widow Douglas and her sister, Miss Watson? As a motherless boy, does he need their influence?
4. Huck’s upbringing is at issue in the book. what has he been taught that forms his core self? What do other characters want to teach him and how do they wish to change him?
5. These chapters establish components of
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From whom or what has he developed this code thus far?
2. What role does Huck play in discussions with Jim? What has Huck learned in school, from reading, or from Tom Sawyer that he has retained and found useful? How and when does Huck compliment and denigrate (criticize unfairly) Jim?
3. What lessons from Pap does Huck remember and evaluate during his moral dilemmas with Jim?
4. How do both Grangerfords and Shepherdsons exhibit religious hypocrisy? Explain Twain’s use of the families’ feuding as satire of Civil War mentality.
5. The families follow their own code of behavior, unable to remember the original court case and the reason for the feud. Discuss feuds and frontier justice as they impact Huck’s growing sense of right and wrong.
6. Discuss Jim’s interactions with the Grangerford slaves, including his assessment of their abilities. What do these slaves know about the underground railroad and ways for runaways to elude capture?

Chapters 19-31 (XIX-XXI) pages 88-164: Lessons in Assistance and Betrayal

1. What is a “confidence” man, a.k.a. con man? What scams have you heard about in your own neighborhood or state? Did these frauds prey on the confidence of the people they conned? How do the King and the Duke play on the confidences of people to get their money? What do they have to know about the towns, local people, and human nature in order to perfect their scams?
2. Though both men are criminal in their behavior, each is different in his understanding of and

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