Essay about Theology Is The Study Of God

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Theology is a study that all should endure throughout everyone’s life. Theology is the study of God. At a Christian level arts university such as Northwest Nazarene University, a student might find the study of Theology to become handy in a problematic situation. For example one that might encounter evil in their life wouldn’t know why evil came their way. Whereas one who even has the slightest idea of what theology is, would be calmer and wiser in their situation. Not only does Northwest Nazarene University’s theology courses benefit ones well being, but they also connect with the values and visions of the university. Theology in general connects this way because the university itself envisions and values God in general. I personally believe that anyone who attends this university should try to follow God’s footsteps toward practicing good stewardship. As Christ-followers you shouldn’t just follow the path toward good stewardship, but allow you to see, be, and do, as one should behave. Many ask the question of, “How do you do theology?” There are many ways to do theology. I’m only going to focus on one way to mainly do theology. One way to do theology is to see that God in all creation. An example of this practice was given in class. Imagine yourself jogging outside, where the day is sunny and the flowers are blooming. From this point on, see the beauty in God’s creation but admiring the flowers that surround you. By admiring the role that God has created flowers, the…

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