This Is a Photograph of Me Essay example

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Look Beneath the Surface

Shawna Jackson
English 100-001 Professor Susan Bauman December 2nd, 2012 Margaret Atwood is a renowned feministic author who frequently writes about the struggles women are facing in today’s society. In the poem, “This is a Photograph of Me” Atwood reveals the mysterious identity of the speaker. Atwood uses nature in this poem to symbolize the power that the male gender have over women today. Even though while reading the poem we feel as though we are looking at a photograph, when really we have a poem describing what the photograph would look like, consider Atwood’s poem “This is a Photograph of Me” as an example open form poem because she uses the photograph to symbolize the
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Atwood breaks the poem into stanzas making it easier to determine where the tone and setting of the poem changes. The first half of the poem’s tone is very calm by using repetitive sounds and flat brief words. Atwood uses metaphors and similes to reveal details that she may have been trying to hide from her reader’s such as, “ A thing that is like a branch: part of a tree (balsam or spruce)…” (8-9). By using a simile, Atwood is connecting nature to something making the reader have to look deeper to find out what the meaning truly is. The author uses a literary device called imagery by using parts within the photograph to have a stronger meaning by connecting it to a feeling. The tone of the poem changes when we find out that the picture is taken after the speaker has drowned. The meaning of the poem changes at the end when the last stanza states, “… if you look long enough eventually you will see me”(24-26). This gives the reader a clear picture that Atwood’s poem is about searching for identity.
Although this poem has many different themes the standard theme as in most of Atwood’s poems was the power she viewed that the men had over the women in today’s society. The symbolism of the distortion of the photograph is the bad characteristics that people have put on women. Atwood uses symbolism of, “… a gentle slope…”(11-12) to the

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