Tiger Airways Swot Analysis Essay

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SWOT Analysis 3 Appraisal of SWOT Analysis 4 Taking Advantage of Our Strengths 4 Reducing our Weaknesses 4 Taking Advantage of Opportunities 5 Looking out for Threats 5 References 6

SWOT Analysis

Strengths | Weaknesses | 1. Low Cost of Tickets 2. Low cost of maintenance – Fleet made up entirely of Airbus A320-200 3. Low Cost of Operations – Uses Budget Terminals 4. 1st low cost carrier in Singapore- Is recognized as the low cost leader 5. Operates in 13 countries & 35 destinations 6. Has tie-up with Hertz car rental | 1. Lack of free food / drinks 2. Service Standards seen as 2nd rate 3. Airplanes are not as comfortable as 1st rate airlines 4. Booking arrangements not as
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Madurai in April 2012) and in the newly opened economies of Cambodia, Laos & Myanmar. In addition to Hertz we will have more tie-ups with car rental agencies in the regions (e.g. NTUC rental in Singapore) to offer more competitive rates. We will have special tour packages with Guest tour guides who are well known personalities in their countries. We will also be having themed events for major holidays and tie-ups with regional events, where our crew will dress up like Santa Claus and elves for Christmas, or in costumes like Lady Gaga. We can also customize our aircraft’s painting scheme according to the routes that they ply or popular culture (e.g Finnair’s Angry Bird Airplane) to make our planes more appealing

Reducing our Weaknesses

We will be splitting our service into the basic and comfort levels. For comfort level service, we will provide free food and drinks and 20 kg luggage and a seat pitch of 81cm (versus the current 72cm) for an increase of $60 from the current fare. We will also have different crew attire in the comfort section, which will be more feminine than our current shirt and pants to make the passengers feel like they are in a full service airline.
We will also be opening our first wholly owned crew training

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