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CARE SKIN TIP | | Facial cleanser
Instead of soap clean face with one spoon milk, mixed with a pinch of turmeric. | | Lotion night nourishing
Mix few drops of glycerin, olive oil & rosewater in one big spoon milk. Apply it regularly on face, neck & hands before sleeping at night. Wipe it with tissue paper, with light hands in morning. Bath with lukewarm water. | | Body lotion
Apply glycerin, mixed with rosewater & limejuice on face, neck & hands every night. | | Olive oil skin care
10 minutes before bathing apply olive oil mixed with few drops of rosewater on whole body. Take bath after this. | | Beautiful skin
Apply cucumber juice, rosewater & glycerin mixture on face regularly. It will make the
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| | How to make your skin glow
After drying the orange shell, grind it & make its powder. Mix milk & clotted cream in this powder. Make its paste, it will give glow to skin. | | Clean face
Boil water & put orange shell in it. Mash it when the water is being boiled. Now keep it for getting cold. In the morning clean your face with this water with cotton. | | Healthy skin
Mash the apple. Clean your face with it. It gives nutrition to face. | | Home remedy for dry skin
Rub the pears pulp on face. It will remove the dryness. | | Dark skin
Apply the cucumber juice on face, it removes darkness. | | Best facial cleanser
Mix cucumber juice, turmeric & lime juice in the ratio 4:1:2. Make its paste. Apply on the face. | | Glowing healthy skin
Cut the salad leaves into small pieces. Mix rose water & lime juice in it. Keep it like this over night. Mash it properly in the morning & filter it. Rub this mixture on your skin properly. After one hour take bath. It will bring glow on skin. | | Smooth skin
Filter the tomato juice & mix lime juice & glycerin in it, in equal quantity. Rub it on skin, it will make the skin soft & shiny. | | How to get smooth skin
Take one almond. Rub it on stone with milk. Apply this paste on face. Wash your face after the paste getting dry. All the oil of almond is soaked by the skin which makes the skin soft. | | Dull skin
If the skin is looking dull, take

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