To Market or Not to Market Case Study Essay examples

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To Market or Not To Market: Case Study
Differences Between Profit vs. Nonprofit Organizations
According to Folland, et al., 2013:
Generally, nonprofits do not pay corporate, property, or sales taxes although for-profits do. The only tax advantage enjoyed by for-profits is the ability to write off losses during bad years…On one hand, numerous profit-making firms provide important goods and services to the community, and many provide basic goods, such as food and housing, to the poor. On the other hand, nonprofit firms often serve the well-to-do, and they compete with for-profits. (Folland, et al., 2013, p. 269, 265)
Mission and Problem
“Community Health Care (CHC) is a non-profit health care organization operating out of Anytown, USA.
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A team cannot be strong without an involved, committed, and inspiring leader. Leader’s participation will assure that employees will remain engaged in the organization’s mission. The team must be trained to promote. This is a very difficult thing because caregivers do not think of themselves as salespeople. However, with marketing and learning sessions, the team will see how important marketing is and how to go about it. Once the team is ready, we can then move to data collecting.
Data Collection
Data will help guide the marketing program. This can be done by surveying patients and employees about satisfaction, morale, needs, and preferences. With census data on demographics and income for the area, we can then begin surveys, focus groups, questionnaires, etc. Focus groups will help tailor our programs in addition to help us define marketing objectives. The information obtained will help us realize what it is that our current and potential patients need and want, who they are and whom we should reach out to. Marketing is expensive, so knowing this information will help us target and better reach the community.
Once all of the above is done, we must evaluate if we are well equipped to provide the services for our target market; if our current goals and future vision will help us succeed in competing and appealing to the target market; and identify what changes need to take place before moving to marketing.
Marketing Strategies

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