Top Down vs Bottom Up Essay

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Top-Down, Bottom-Up and Metacognition – Discovering the Mind
Angelica Lipscomb
PHYC102-1402B-10 Robin Redfern
June 15, 2014

Abstract In scientific psychology the question of how information is processed is achieved by asking to what amount a psychological procedure is motivated by top-down as opposed to bottom-up information. The difference between top-down and bottom-up processing is commonly used in experimental psychology. Top-down processing proposes that we form our observations starting with a bigger objective, thought, or knowledge before working our way in the direction of more thorough information. Bottom-up processing, also identified as "small chunk" processing, proposes that we attend to or identify essentials by
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There are numerous things that can effect top-down processing, including any context or stimulus. The context in which an incident or item is observed can encourage what we imagine to find in a specific circumstance. For example, if you are reading an editorial about food, you might take to mean an unclear word as something food related. And kind of stimuli can also make people more likely to understand a thing in a specific way. For example, if you see an image you don’t quite understand, but it has a picture of a guy eating, you might think it has something to do with food.

Bottom-up processing can be defined as kinesthetic learning, or your senses influencing decision making. A wonderful example, if someone offers you cinnamon rolls but they are topped with cheese and salsa, you are probably going to turn it down without giving it a second thought. With top-down processing, your brain is active first. You might think, 'How nice. My friend is offering me cinnamon rolls; I love those. I should accept them. I wonder how much icing is on it.’ This thought leads to emotions such as happiness and excitement, which leads to an action like extending your hand and smiling. Bottom-up processing is simply about the process moving in the opposite direction: the first thing that happens is a body response like seeing the cinnamon rolls and cheese, the smell of the salsa and cinnamon, nausea, frowning and turning away from the cinnamon

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