Tour De Georgia and Service User Essay

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Unit SHC 32

Outcome 1

In general it is my duty to undertake all care work with the sensitivity required to provide services in a way, which will preserve the dignity, privacy, choice, independance, fulfilment and rights of the service user and his/her usual carer/members of family.
Duties include; personal care, diet, financial, community, medication support.

I am to act at all times with Guardian Homecare's code of conduct and the standards of the General Social Care Council.
My work role requires, personal needs of the service user as stated in their care plan. Good communication has to be maintained including with those who may have communication difficulties.
I am expected to promote safeguarding, the
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I evaluated this comment and have developed my paperwork skills by making reminder list when nessesary and supporting my team to record information comprehensively.

Outcome 4

My availiable sources of support are through formal/informal appraisals and supervision which occur annually with a line manager or supervisor. I can access the internet for research and development.

During an employers training opportunity i am able to interact with other collegues, assess my knowledge in comparison with theirs, learn relevant updates and work with new service users as a result of the training i.e Epilepsy/Autism Awareness.

As a result of my last appraisal i have a personal development plan which stated that i gain further training and since then i have been on medication, moving and handling, vulnerable adult awareness courses and gained certificates.

Outcome 5

After attending a training course i implement the information gained to adhere to protocol and better work ethics.
My work practice regarding moving and handling has improved so that i don't injur myself or the cervice user.

A service user became difficult to support manually because he couldn't weight bear so management was informed then training in the use of a hoist and

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