Essay about Transformational Leadership, Policy, and Change

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Leadership, Policy and Change

Julian I


This paper will focus on how effective Leadership can influence policy and change in the United States healthcare system. The implementation of new policy, program, and institutional change is often meant to improve the quality of the nation's ever-changing healthcare system. Several journal articles and texts have been selected particularly with a focus on leadership strategies to improve the quality of healthcare, and leadership’s ability to influence implemented changes to the system. The question proposed is; does leadership encourage and influence both public and private initiatives that measure health outcomes, and organize systems to improve health services when
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It is also painful to be rejected by those whom you would seek to lead“. Changing market demands in health care mean we need new models for delivering services in a more agile, responsive and effective way.

I believe that leaders have the ability to translate personal talent, skills, and qualities into action that can influence change. Leaders take a stand for what they believe in and work to convince others to think and act differently as new policies, program change, and health care systems are implemented. Given the implementation of new program and policy changes leaders are driven to find better ways of doing things, and take paths that others fear to tread. Leaders empower people by providing new pathways to success, implementing new procedures, and guidance that enable others to move forward with a clear vision building strong relationships and inspiring trust and confidence in the process.

As a healthcare professional, I realize that each of us has a responsibility to help other health care professionals understand organizational goals, new program policies, and the many contributions we can make to the health and well-being of our citizens and the nation. As mentioned by Hertsgaard, Healthcare; Living Through the Next Fifty Years (2011); “The effectiveness of new program implementation, or policy change can be undervalued by many health care professions that view health care decision making as only being made by a

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