Essay on Trend in Business in China

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Trend in Business in China
Wendy He
ENG 211D
JLU University Lambton College
April 5, 2012 2
Trend in Business in China China joined as a formal member country of World Trade Organization (WTO) in 2001 and the way to join it also had many hardships. Chinese government knows that it is very important to join it for Chinese business to have some brand new opportunities. The only problem is joined as the developed country or as a developing country. China is a developing country has not enough ability to afford the responsibility of the developed country. For fear of too many extra duties, Chinese government decided to join as a developing country. The right
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The individual economy in China began to grow since Chinese policy of reformation and opening had been established and implement in 1978. From then on the business in China no longer only has state-owned business. Some Chinese began to have his own business and earned the first pot of gold which is lawless on before. Chinese people find that they can choose more a variety of commodities in the markets as well as have a new choice in many occupations which helps them get rid of poor life. More and more Chinese businessmen have started a business with their country together.

4 But these informal businesses can not make the business in China blend in the world economy in 20 years from beginning to end. The trouble has been solved when China joined in the WTO. Well communications with other countries make the business in China more richly than before. A new platform gives more opportunities for this rising market economy country.
Suffering Setbacks Such as a financial storm which has swept the global, the subprime crisis also made a huge shock on Chinese business. In Beijing Review the article “Subprime mortgage crisis” explains “The weak housing market of the United States as well as a number of personal and corporate debts has caused multiple adverse effects on the world economy”(2008). The subprime crisis,

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