Trophy Project Essay

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The Trophy Project was a lengthy project that seem was obviously very important to the company. Reichart, who was a prior assistant project manager, was given the reigns and selected as the project manager (PM) for the Trophy Project. From the very beginning, the project faced challenges that are common to many projects. As a PM, Reichart had many roles and responsibilities throughout the duration of the project. Reichart needed to direct and control the project. As the PM he needed to use interpersonal and communication skills with both functional managers and his project team to accomplish every task in the project. Unfortunately Reichart and the team ended up falling behind schedule, over spent the budget, and didn’t accomplish …show more content…
There is a fine line that the PM has to balance on when working with functional managers. Often there is tension between the two levels. The PM needs to functional managers to complete the work of the project. The PM is in charge of the project and many functional managers have a hard time taking orders from a PM that may not normally be above them in the organizational hierarchy. The PM needs to recognize that this may be the case and ensure that the team mentality is prevalent throughout the project team. This includes the functional managers. There are a number of ways to do this, but the first thing is to remove the barriers to team development. There are a number of these barriers present in this case. Functional managers and the PM have differing outlooks on the project. Each is concerned with their own issues, the project as a whole vs. the functional area’s performance throughout the entire organization. This is a primary barrier but others will be noted later in this case study. The key to removing any barrier to team building is communication. This must start from the top. The organization’s senior leaders must bring together the project team and ensure that they understand the importance of the project and how the “command” structure of the project will flow. This will help to solve the question of who is in charge during important disagreements of the project.

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