Tropical Deforestation And Its Effects On Growing And Industrial Countries

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Imagine sitting in your living room and a gigantic bulldozer begins to destroy your house. You exit your home immediately and begin to flea as you watch your house being destroyed but realize you have nowhere to go. That is exactly how many of the animals are feeling to this day. Tropical deforestation is a method that cuts down and clear away trees in a forest. It has been occurring for over a thousand years and will continue to happen everywhere around the world, if humans don’t put a stop to removing the trees in the forest. It has been established that over time millions of living organisms have been pushed to extinction because their homes were taken away. According to World Wild Life “Seventy percent of Earth’s land animals and plants live in forests” and an estimation of 26 hectares of forest is being lost every minute which makes the area equivalent to 37 football pitches.
Tropical deforestation is taking place in one and one half acres of tropical woods and is creating devastating impacts on growing and industrial countries. Tropical deforestation is a major issue in the world, due to the earth 's forests diminishing by 20 to 50%, it’s causing global climate changes, soil erosion, loss of species, and water cycle. As humans continue to cut down trees they are ruining the cycle of our air supply because the trees in the forests produce oxygen for humans to breath and in return the trees absorb carbon dioxide during the photosynthesis. This process is known as…

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