Essay on Trustee V. Delegate Model of Representation

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Trustee v. Delegate Model of Representation

When in a political position, one is most generally tasked with difficult decisions that require a long, hard look at what really matters. There are two ways a person of this position can view a problem in order to make an informed decision. The trustee view model of representation allows the political position holder to have a broader view of what is important to society as a whole, while voting against narrow interests of constituents. This view also takes into consideration the politician’s personal views, morals, and perceptions. This way of representation could cause problems with constituents that elected the legislator to support their big political views, but the legislator feels that
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I feel like the Instructed-Delegate view model of representation would pave the road for such a dramatic change in the state in terms of the economy. The role of the legislator would be to prepare the state for the loss and explain to people that supporting this change is for the better for the nation because it fits into the President’s National Security Budget for a safer and stronger America. In respect to the day I am called upon to cast a vote on the President’s program, I will be strongly against the base closure for the reasons stated above. If I am doing my job as the state senator, my views will be transparent, meaning I would have already expressed that in Washington that I have the state’s best interest in mind. While I may understand the President’s platform and his reasons for wanting to shut the base down, I made a promise to my state to do what is best for them and the future of our economy. If the base closure eliminates jobs, how is that doing what is best for my state? I am sure that I would take major criticism from members in my political party for going against the grain and not supporting the President’s plan. However, they have to understand the platform of my justifications regardless if they do not agree with my politic views.
In this situation, using the trustee view model of representation could portray me as a non-team player and could destroy my re-election chances. However, being

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