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Uncle Tom’s Cabin
Harriet Beecher Stowe
Boston: John P. Jewett, 1852

Chapter 4
(1)How does Uncle Tom Aunt Chloe feel about George Shelby’s presence in their cabin?
Tom and Aunt Chole feels that George Shelby is a sweet handsome child that’s birthed with a special gift they feel that he is welcome, they know that George is a Christian child that means no harm.
(2)What happens on Tom’s cabin after their evening meal? Why are Tom’s prayers appreciated by other slaves? After the evening meal Mr. Shelby and the trader went into the dining room and Mr. Shelby sold Tom’s after he had promise that he wouldn’t sell Tom “without knowing what sort of hand he’s going into.”
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This is because that is where he took the deal to sell Tom.
Chapter 5
(1) One of the themes in this book is that of the definition of Christianity includes love and forgiveness for all people as well as self- sacrifice. List 2 ways Tom illustrates the concept of self-sacrifice in this chapter. Tom’s illustrates self-sacrifice by not running away with Eliza, but to stay and be sold and “…not break up the place and sell all.” And Tom say’s “he wouldn’t be the one to say no” as of being sold, Tom “… shook his head broad, rough chest convulsively “as showing bravery of as if he’s prepared.
(2)Find an example of an aside in this chapter where Stowe’s tells the reader how to feel about Mr. Shelby’s decision to sell Tom and Harry. Stowe describes Mr. Shelby feeling sorry for selling Tom and Harry. When mentioning his plan for the next day how he can’t watch what must take place tomorrow morning “I can’t see Tom, that’s a fact, and you better arrange a drive somewhere, and carry Eliza off…” Mr. Shelby couldn’t stay to watch this happens because it him as well.

Chapter 6
(1)How do Mr. and Mrs. Shelby react to the news that Eliza has fled with Harry? Mr. and Mrs. Shelby was astonished when they heard Eliza fled away with Harry, but Mrs. Shelby suspected Eliza to fled away with her son Harry and Mr. Shelby was thinking how Mr. Haley is going to think Mr. Shelby planned this because of how he “hesitated about selling Harry.”
(2)What aspects of Black

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