Essay about Unethical Behavior And Ethical Behavior

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Sometimes what is perceived to be the ethical thing to do has to be overlooked in order to complete an assigned task at work. While this can occur in any workplace, the fine line between doing the job as told and doing the job ethically is thinner regarding attorneys and employees in the business world. For example, Michael Clayton is a film that follows a man of the same name who is a fixer for a prestigious law firm, Kenner, Bach and Leeden, that is stuck in a difficult situation of having to defend the unethical actions of an agriculture product conglomerate, U-North. The firm is given the task of defending U-North from a lawsuit that states that the company willingly signed off on a carcinogenic and dangerous weed killer. Throughout the film, the blur between unethical behavior and ethical behavior becomes extremely visible through each character, even Clayton as well. Karen Crowder, the general counsel at U-North is one of the main perpetrators of unethical behavior throughout the film as she attempts to do whatever it takes to save her company from a potential lawsuit. Marty Bach, who is the head of Kenner, Bach and Leeden, also faces an ethical dilemma on whether or not he should defend the actions of U-North or if he should back away instead. Lastly, Arthur Eden is a partner of the firm and the attorney for U-North, however, Arthur’s way of handling unethical behavior is significantly different from the other characters, in part due to his bipolar disorder. Each of…

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