Unitarian Universalism Essays

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Unitarian Universalism can trace their roots back to Christian Protestantism. Unitarianism developed in the Common Era as a belief that all people would be saved. The first Unitarian Churches were established in sixteenth-century Transylvania. These Churches continue to worship today. Universalism was developed in America in the late 1700’s and was established in Boston. It was not until the early 1960’s did these separate religious groups Unitarian and Universalism united to form what is now Unitarian Universalism. The religion is very much theologically liberal and it is supported by the notion that a free and responsible search for truth and meaning is important.
Unitarian Universalist is a liberal religion that encompasses many
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The cup represented religious community and the flame represented sacrifice. The flaming chalice is interpreted in many ways and there is no single way to interpret it. The actual image has changed over the years and there is no universal image. That is why one may see different chalice and flame images in different congregations. The modern chalice designs often have two overlapping circles. Those circles for many represent our Unitarian and Universalist heritages. Other elements of the flaming chalice are merely decorative. Worship at Unitarian Universalist Sunday service may contain religious music, chalice lighting, a sermon, prayers, meditation, and readings. Every congregation is different and holds its own style of religious services. Most Sunday services are casual and do not require one to per say where Sunday attire. A minister or layperson leads the Sunday service. This person often includes announcements and leads people time to share their joys and concerns. Like other congregations, they collect money in offering plates during service. Socialization is a huge part of services. Often times the congregation will meet for “Coffee hour”. This usually consists of cookies and casual conversation but can also include organized discussion groups and a full buffet. Music is a big part of the Unitarian Universalists services. Many have choirs or even bands. The types of music vary depending on the congregations. The variety can include Christian

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