United Way Case Study Essays

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United Way Case Study

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United Way Case Study The United Way is a long established company that is known for helping build stronger communities. Many people may have first been introduced to this organization through their successful commercials featured during professional football games. The ads made many viewers aware of the needs experienced through different areas, and how football players were volunteering to make a difference. This was a great introduction to the United Way, but the organization is much more than what viewers observed.
Vision and Mission Statement The Vision Statement for the United Way is as follows:
“United Way envisions a world where all individuals and families achieve their human
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An estimated one million dollars was drained from the organization along with the trust of many donors. While these instances were bad in themselves, the negative press associated with them was even more devastating. One weakness of the United Way has manifested itself through the desire of the public. People began to want to contribute money to specific charities. The way the United Way was set up, the money went to community programs but it was not always easy to breakdown the exact distribution of the funds. Donors were starting to want their money to go to a specific cause such as pancreatic cancer or diabetes research. A community education program was not necessarily targeted enough. In addition to this, the marketing of celebrities and big name contributors had a tendency to backfire. Small donors began to question the impact of their contribution. If someone like Bill Gates was giving millions of dollars, they wondered if their gifts were necessary.
Some opportunities for the United Way could be present with the internet and World Wide Web. With many new businesses and the advent of social media, the potential to find new donors is expansive. There are also an array of internet-focused business such as Amazon, Google, and Facebook, with which corporate relationships may potentially form. Having this new source of technology can put the resources right into the hands

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