Use Of Solar Energy As A Primary Energy Source Essay

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Review of Literature
You get solar energy only through direct sunlight. It is the most abundant, pure, non-toxic renewable energy source. There is sunlight every day that shines down on the earth that is 100,000 times greater than the whole world’s power capacity. The sun has always been a potential source of energy, but it wasn’t until the extreme cost rise of conventional energy that people finally took an interest. After more complex ways to use solar energy were discovered, more and more houses are being built that use solar energy as a primary energy source (Heckeroth, 2001). Agriculture has used solar energy in livestock structures to radiate heat into them. Newer, modern solar-powered buildings use their solar technology in the same way. The way they are built allows the sun to shine into the building for most of the day. To absorb the heat, masonry products and water are usually used so that the building has energy during the night. During the night, the heat radiates throughout the building, coming from the storage (Heckeroth, 2001).
Greenhouses are like solar panels in the way they are designed - to trap the heat energy, lengthening the growing of plants throughout harsher seasons. In a greenhouse, plants use photosynthesis, which is closely related to the process humans use to gather, store, and convert sun energy. Solar cells use silicon to create electricity directly from the light. Silicon can be formed in sand, and many other natural compounds.…

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