Use the Chameleon as a Model to Manage Change. Essay examples

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Surviving in a dynamic, hostile and dangerous business environment requires the adoption of a wide range of strategies and techniques. As such small and medium scale business in Zimbabwe and many parts of the world find themselves in an environment that is not only unpredictable but also quite harsh and highly dynamic (Mhike,2014)These businesses organizations can be likened to animals living in a jungle where only the strongest can survive. The business or organisation in this case represents a system which is open to and interacts with its environments. Open systems have four specific characteristic which make appropriate for these business .The first is the interchange between the system and its environment, secondly an open system is …show more content…
The simplest lesson to learn from the chameleon is that for survival and existence, the business needs to move with the times and ensure that it is strategically positioned, following trends in the economy around it. As a way to camouflage itself from enemies and its prey the chameleon changes colour in response to its surroundings the business needs to be able to positively respond to changes and developments in its operating environment .Its adaptation should focus on survival, maintenance of strategic vision and profitability. Like chameleon , organisation interact with its environment constantly evolving and adapting to the conditions around it The activities of an organisation tend to be inspired by threats and opportunities in the environment in which they exist. The long prehensile tail for stability of the chameleon act as fifth limp, which helps enhance stability as it manoeuvres among the branches of trees in search of its prey (Le Berre and Bartlett, 2009). Every successful business needs to be stable and capable of offering standardised products and services. Such attributes help the business establish its identity in the market. The authors found some of these attributes in one organisation in the very competitive business of telecommunication, Econet wireless. After acquiring its trading licence in 1998, Econet has remained the leading network

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