Verbal Abuse Essay

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A child as young as two can be affected by verbal abuse. Mistreatment during infancy and early childhood negatively affect early brain development and can have a long term effect into their adolescence and adulthood. The experiences we live through infancy and early childhood provide a framework for the expression of children's intelligence, emotions and personalities. When those experiences are primarily negative, children may build up emotional, behavioral and learning problems that carry on during their lifetime (Child Welfare Information Gateway, 2001).
"Our brains are sculpted by our early experiences. Maltreatment is a chisel that shapes a brain to contend with strife, but at the cost of deep, enduring wounds" (Teicher, 2000 cited
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Little girls tried as hard as they can to kick the ball to the other side but their teacher responds to their efforts by verbally abusing them. A kindergarten teacher when angry with his/her students, he/she begin to use words to compare his/her current students with the past students, leaving the children to feel shame and guilt because they are not as good as those of their teacher's past students. Verbal abuse is unacceptable. It is not proper. No one has the right to verbally abuse others. While verbal abuse does not leave noticeable bruises on the child's body, it does leave wounds on the heart and spirit of the child. Those in authority must be extremely cautious as to how they speak to a child in their care. No child deserves to be subjected to verbal abuse. Instead, every child deserves to hear praises and encouragements from the authority figures in their life (Deister, 2006).
Many people think that child abuse is either physical or sexual maltreatment. But actually, most of the time, a child may suffer by the means of verbal abuse. Little does an abuser know that name calling, rejecting, threatening, blaming, and using sarcasm are examples of verbal child abuse. This may cause different effects to a child. One may be an abuser in the future or may have a low self esteem. Sometimes an adult just kid around with children and say things that doesn't really mean a thing but the adult does not know that the child is already taking it seriously.

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