Violence in Our Schools Essay

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Can Violence in Our School Be Reduced The problem we are facing today with violence in our schools is a major concern with communities all over the world. School violence wears many faces. It can be gang activity, locker thefts, bully and intimidation, gun use, or anything that products a victim. Violence is perpetrated against students, teachers, and staff and ranges from intentional vengeance to accidental killings and bystanders. Can violence in our schools be reduced? If so what do we need to do to reduce it? Is the lack of discipline in our schools to blame for the rise in violence? Are the movies, TV, and video games to blame for the violence in our schools? These are some of the questions that our peers, parents, and …show more content…
According to Daryn Edelman, “Terms students use in texts and emails may be code for behavior they want to hide from adults.” This is why it is very important to be involved in the community and know what is popular with kids these days so that you are more aware of any strange activity that may be taking place. According to Daryn Edelman, “Volunteer your resources. If you are a social worker, clergyman, law enforcement official, or psychologist, you can help your community and local schools by offering your services. Offer classes to teachers, parents, and administrators on any information you can provide. Can you help students identify depression and anger in peers? Can you teach creative writing classes as a way of helping students relieve anger and stress? Can you coach after school sports? Often students gain a great deal just by seeing a person that cares.” Parents, people in the community, school administrators, and teachers must all work as a team to keep our children safe while they are attending school. This is why becoming involved in your community is a huge step in helping to reduce violence in our schools. Although becoming a resource and getting to know your community is a positive step towards reducing violence in our schools many critics speculate that this may help reduce

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