Virtual Teams Essay

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Individual Assignment Two
March 21, 2016

Virtual teams have become much more common in organizations and when utilized properly can be extremely effective. Virtual teams are “teams whose members operate across space, time, and organizational boundaries and are linked through information technologies to achieve organizational tasks.” (Steven L.McShane, p. 208) Using a virtual team within a company is quite different than using a traditional team. There are two ways in which virtual teams differ from traditional teams. Virtual teams are “not usually co-located and due to their lack of co-location, members of virtual teams depend primarily on information technologies rather than face-face interaction to communicate and
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Also is a virtual team does not have a strong leader within their group it can lead to assignments not being handed in on time or completed properly. Many things can be looked over if there isn’t someone within the team to make sure that things are being handled properly. Another disadvantage to a virtual team is that all team members may not have the same values or cultures as they are located in other parts of the world which ultimately can lead to conflict within the group. Any of these disadvantages can lead to workplace assignments not being completed on time and can lead to unhappy employees within the teams. When a virtual team is operating effectively it can be very successful for the organization. There are quite a few factors which need to be met in order for a virtual team to be successful. Virtual team members more specified team competencies than is needed for other team settings. Virtual team members require “good communication technology skills, strong self-leadership skills to motivate and guide their behaviour without peers or bosses nearby, and higher emotional intelligence so that they can decipher the feelings of other team members from e-mail and other limited communication media.” (Steven L.McShane, p. 210) Due to the

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