Essay on Virtual Teams

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Virtual teams are teams whose members operate across space, time and organizational boundaries, and are linked though information technologies to achieve organizational tasks. (Organizational behaviour, Steven L. McShane, 8th edition, p-230.) Virtual team members are usually dislocated from the main office and each other, depending on information technology instead of face-to-face communication for the interaction.
A virtual team consists of professionals working remotely in various locations. Some members may work out of their home, some may work in co-working offices, while others might work in branch offices. All, however, work on the same team and work toward the same objectives.
Virtual team members
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Many of these people worked in one of the tech centers earlier in their career, then relocated for family or quality of life issues.
§ A 24 Hour Work Day: if you use resources in other countries, your company never sleeps, potentially allowing you to move twice as fast. Divide your technical development by type of task, by module or by product. Focus on marketing strategy during the day, and let your overseas team work on implementation during the night.
§ Improved Communication: remote communication has two advantages: 1) it forces you to articulate your thoughts and communicate clearly, which helps reduce vague and unclear instructions and 2) you can easily record and save discussions for later reference. Want to know what someone said in a meeting? Go back and review the recording or chat log. And stop wasting time transcribing white boards–it’s all digital with virtual teams.
§ Metrics Become Dominant: managing a remote team, you rely on metrics and progress to measure employees rather than relying on the number of hours in the office. A reliance on metrics helps you understand your company better and investors love metrics that measure progress.
§ Extra Bandwidth During Meetings: activities considered rude or disruptive during face-to-face meetings can be beneficial during

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