Wakewood Case Study Essay

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WAKEWOOD Servicing International


MBA - Non-standard entry case study – Brighton Business School

11th February 2010

Giampaolo Consulting
Preston Road
East Sussex

Tel: +44 (0)1273 123123
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Graham Clifford
CEO Wakewood Ltd
Mithras House
Lewes Road
Brighton, BN2 4AT

Proposal on Change Strategy and Roadmap for Wakewood Servicing International

Dear Graham,

I am pleased to submit this proposal of work to support Wakewood Servicing International in develop a change strategy and a roadmap to success of the customer service dept. with also the integration of the marketing and
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I suggest commencing the delivery of structured communications in the form of memos and conferences, in order to deliver the message and rationale on why there is a need for the operating and structural changes in the unit.
This should also be delivered with a strong emphasis on the organizational benefits (i.e. increase revenues and market presence, brand etc.) and the employee benefit too (i.e. better tools to do the job, opportunities to move into other departments and develop own skills) which will be aligned with the rest of the 6 divisions within Wakewood.
Management should also be tasked on supporting change and promoting it to the operational employees.

2. Plan and monitor a programme of organisational change
The programme/project team (strictly consisting of Wakewood management, HR, Finance and very experienced project managers) will be tasked in developing a detailed project plan on: a) How to integrate the marketing and quality departments within the division. b) The new proposed organizational structure with sign-off from HR, from a European employee regulations perspective if staff redundancies or role changes are identified. c) Implementing the new technical infrastructure/platforms based on the other units software versions in order to promote technical interoperability within the organization. d) Delivering Change Management training to the management team in the division and to the

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