Warf Computers Essay

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Warf Computers
Financial Performance Analysis

Prepared by Angus Jones & Partners, LLC

Company overview Company direction & new product info Company financials
Balance Sheet Income Statement Cash Flow Analysis Ratio Analysis

Expansion plan analysis Overall recommendations
Angus Jones & Partners, LLC

Company Summary
Founded 15 years ago Small initial investment to start company The same group of investors has supplied the limited additional funds needed by the company in the form of both equity and short-term and long-term debt

Angus Jones & Partners, LLC

Company Direction
Recently developed Virtual Keyboard (VK) Planning to introduce the new product and expand the business To introduce the VK, Warf
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2010 Finance Statement of Cash Flows
($ in thousands)

CF(A) = $316,000
Operating cash flow is positive which means that the firm can cover their operating expenses Capital spending is high indicating an investment in fixed assets which could be linked with the firms expansion Net working capital is positive indicating the firm could be growth mode

Cash Flow from Assets OCF EBIT Depreciation Current Taxes NCS Ending Net Fixed Assets Beginning Net Fixed Assets Depreciation NWC Ending NWC Beginning NWC Total CF(A) Cash

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