Was the Habsburg Empire on the point of collapse by 1914 Essay

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Was the Habsburg Empire on the point of collapse by 1914?

During the late 19th Century it can be argued that the Habsburg Empire was weakening and by 1914 during the dawn of the First World War it was on the point of collapse this could be due to several intertwining factors such as nationalism or politics. However some historians disagree this view and they would argue that the Empire was indeed becoming stronger. This essay will explore why the Habsburg Empire was on the brink of collapsing by 1914.
The first and possibly the most important reason why the Habsburg Empire was on the point of collapsing is because its weak nature was highlighted when in 1905 the Hungarian Independence Party won the election and as the historians
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Historian Ian D. Armour writes that “The Dualist period became a byword for a nationality disputes which dominated domestic politics and impinged on foreign policy.” This effectively meant that nationalism was dominating the political debates within the government this in turn also meant that they couldn’t reach an agreement on anything else and effectively nothing was done and unrest amongst the minorities began to grow which lead to rioting and protests. Here Marks is more reliable as he looks at one particular issue; nationalism, and how it effects other factors such as production, population and military power whereas Armour simply looks at nationalism and how it impacts the political structure of the Empire.
The third and final argument as to why the Habsburg Empire was on the point of collapse was because of the political structure itself. The political system was clearly not working as shown by a series of crises one in particular was the Pan-Germanism crisis as outlined by Armour; “A small but violently vocal minority of Austrian-Germans embraced Pan-Germanism: these German nationalists argued for the dissolution of the Monarchy and the incorporation of its German population in the new German Empire.” This is

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