We Are Born with Evil in Us Essay

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Hector Cervantes
February 22, 2011
Mrs. Guerard
4th period

We Are Born With Evil
In the everyday life we always witness some sort of cruel act inflicted by a human on to another. Cruel actions range from people verbally to physically hurting others. We ask ourselves why people commit these acts. We tell ourselves that those are just the evil kind of people but like William Golding said “We are born with evil in us, and cruelty is a part of this.” This statement is true, we are all born with evil in us and we can all be cruel. It’s in our nature, something we cannot rid ourselves of. Although evil is in our nature, we can do our best and avoid it.
First reason why I agree with Golding’s statement is because he shows how everyone
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My nephews like play a lot and every time things don’t go the way they want them to, they fight. I think the reason they fight, is so that they can determine who can have their way. I think this because I see this on animal shows all the time and since we’re also animals, I figured that it’s normal behavior for us to fight. Like in animal shows, usually the bigger opponent wins like with my nephew. With my nephews the older one ends up winning and my younger nephew cries and goes to find something else to do. When this happens I sometimes yell at them but they still do it again so instead I make my older nephew feel guilty or spoil my younger nephew. I do that so that they learn to not behave like little savages and more like civil human beings.
Third reason why I think Golding’s statement is right is because I without evil there is no point in life. That’s why world peace is impossible to achieve. Life without any problems would be really boring. Imagine if this world was in complete peace and happiness, there would be no reason to go to school or work. If you didn’t go to work no one would get mad and there would be no problem if you didn’t pay taxes. If you didn’t pay taxes there would be no school. With no school not many people would be smart. As you can see list can go on forever about things going wrong. That why we need problems in this world and that is why we should be born with evil in us so

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