We Should Value Our Life And The Environment We Live Essay

1572 Words Apr 7th, 2016 null Page
Data: they use a lot of harmful chemicals in producing flowers and producing tons of CO2 in both growing and transport cut flowers around.

Warrant: we should value our life and the environment we live in

Claim: we should not produce and buy cut flowers backing of warrant:

Back of warrant: a lot of people get sick of inhaling harmful chemicals. High amount of CO2 can contribute to the global warming

Rebuttal: there are more things that are harmful and produce more CO2 than planting and transporting flowers

Flower is not a novel object to us, as almost all of us have seen flowers once in our life, either by seeing in nature, televisions, or through the flower industry. Cut flowers were already popular from the early 1990s, and now they are still continue being used in many occasions, as it is very convenient to buy and use them as they are already been cut from the plants. Many people buy these cut flowers and give them to other people to show their love, appreciate, and respect, on many holidays, such as Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, and International Women Day. Roses had become a symbol for love and many people buy them on their anniversaries. Flowers are also being bought in many other events, for instance, wedding, funeral, birthday, and graduation ceremonies; or it can be simply used to decorate the house. As the demand for flowers is high, the need for its supply will also increases. The percentage of imported cut flowers will also increase…

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