Essay on Week 5 Cultural Evaluation

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Cultural Evaluation - India
October 8, 2012

* Culture is an attribute that gives us our identity and separates us from others as well as other places. “For our purposes, culture is defined as the learned beliefs, values, rules, norms, symbols, and traditions that are common to a group of people. It is these shared qualities of a group that make them unique” (Kumar, Anjum, & Sinha, 2011, pp.152 -156). * There are many cultural differences between that of the United States and India. It is incumbent on the United States to study the differences of the two cultures in order to build a better relationship with India. Indians would rather do business with those they have built relationships with prior to,
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High-level engagement between United States and Indian officials through strategic dialogue could allow the two sides to deepen mutuality and pave the way for future cooperation and policy coordination in the event of a regional crisis, especially one involving China. It would also be helpful if the United States would develop scenarios and policy options for how the United States might react in the event hostilities were to break out between India and China. Preparing ahead of time for the potential United States response could help reassure India that it will not stand alone against China. * In closing, the United States and India should embrace the cultural differences that make each country unique, working together to improve the relationship between the two countries. The United States and India should accept that their partnership will not always reach the full expectations of either side. Each side must better understand and appreciate the other’s core cultural values and be willing to adjust long-held positions to meet the needs of a new relationship that would be critical to ensuring the formation of a stable partnership. * * * * *
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