Were the Celts Strong or weak? Essay

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The Celts - strong or weak?
There are lots and lots of stories and opinions about whether the Celts were strong or weak. I am going to tell you both the sides of the argument and try to explain why they were defeated by the Roman invasions of 55BC and 43AD. The Celts did not write books so a lot of things we know come from things written by the Romans and archaeology.
About 1,000 BC a group of tribes formed in central Europe. They are now known as the Celts but they did not call themselves that. The word Celt comes from the Greek word Keltoi which means barbarians. The Celts gradually entered Britain between about 500 and 100 BC. They were a group of people who spoke the same language and had the same religion. There was not a central
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If they had a well they would have been safer but there is no evidence of this. As many people lived in the fort area they would have had to carry a lot of water every day. If there had been a siege the people in the fort would run out water quickly even though they might have a lot of food.
As the number of fields got larger it would have been harder to protect the lands and animals as they would have been further away from the fort.
The new plough they invented to help their farming needed a lot more effort to go through the soil and needed up to 8 ox to pull it. Because of this they made their fields quite narrow and so they could not produce as much food as if the field was larger. Narrow Celtic fields next to modern large ones in Wiltshire
Skills like metal work and weaving

There were a lot of minerals around the local area and this meant that the Celts could get metal from them. They were able to produce many iron objects and also use precious metals like gold. The Celts were very skilled at metal work and pottery. It helped in many different ways. The iron work was used to help with farming because they invented a more effective plough but also with making weapons to defend their land. The Celts made beautiful jewellery like torcs - large necklaces made out of bronze and gold. The metal work was often decorated with complicated swirling patterns and

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