What I Did Change My Eating Habits Essays

1373 Words Jan 29th, 2016 null Page
When I was younger, I was always criticized for being too skinny. People would mumble “chicken-legs” or “toothpick” behind my back and sometimes even to my face. I was always being told to eat as much as I could so I could get some meat on my bones, so I did. Around my 8th grade year summer, before entering high school, my whole body changed. I’m not sure if it was me finally reaching adolescence, but I sure did change my eating habits. I finally started to gain some weight, but my body was still in shape because I have always been an athlete. I have been playing soccer for as long as I could remember and it always kept me fit. Throughout my high school years, I remained lean and tall, but I was eating a lot. Senior year, along with all the other pressures of college, the one thing that worried me the most was the horrific “freshman fifteen”. I didn’t even know where I was going yet and I was freaking out about gaining weight. I was given so much advice my senior year about healthy eating habits from everyone, especially my coaches. Things like don’t eat too late, don’t eat too much, stay away from junk-food, eat fruit, and drink a lot of water were the same phrases repeated to me that I still hear today. Although I was freaking out about gaining the fifteen, there was a part of me that told myself to calm down and that I didn’t really have anything to worry about because I could just stay fit by joining a sport or going to the gym. In high school, I always ate whatever I…

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