Essay on What Is Learning?

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Paragraph #1 For many years, I thought learning involved reading, memorizing, evaluating material, highlighting topics of interest, and rereading necessary details needed to remember for future reference. Learning has taken on a new meaning for me the past 5 weeks and has given me a sense of excitement and anticipation to utilize the skills that I have developed in this class.. To learn with intention now means I can take the learning skills and patterns and develop a strategy to help me maximize my strengths and minimize my learning patterns which might hinder my growth and development in many areas of life.
Paragraph # 2 It has been determined that I am a "Strong Willed Learner." I would like to say that could mean that I am
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In the first week of the class, I felt as though I could complete the tests by simply reading the material while I was completing the test. I soon realized It was imperative that I complete my entire assignment. By developing an organized plan this has aided me to finish this course with strength and confidence.

Paragraph # 4 As I mentioned in Paragraph #2, as a Strong Willer Learner, This Learning Style has at time caused me to be a time waster if I do not "Tether" especially "Precision". It seems I do not have a conflict within myself on directions or expectations, where I seem to struggle is when I go to investigate my subject matter, I seem to spend too much time in either obtaining historical data, or time sensitive data,both of which can be time wasters. Tethering my time is primary to my success. If I am not careful, I could be so busy collectively data, reading, or completing tests I could miss dead lines. "Forging into Confluence" could open myself into a new creativity which could help me develop into my learning style to broaden into a new type of openess to broader ideas.

Paragraph # 5 The past 5 weeks have been a stretching and growing period for me. I have been stretched into developing new thought and learning patterns which I have never have even entertained prior. I was able to to verbalize some

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