What Is a Professional Learning Community Essay example

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What is a Professional Learning Community?
NaKishia D. Glenn
Gardner-Webb University

Throughout this paper you will be able to gain more knowledge on what a Professional Learning Community (PLC) is. I will explore two different areas: general characteristics of PLCs and the big ideas that are associated with them. I will refer to different types of students throughout this paper. When I mention high achievers I will be referring to those are students whose test scores put them in the top twenty-five percent nationwide amongst their peers; when I mention low achievers I am speaking of those students that perform lower than the median of their peers. PLC refers to Professional Learning Community. S.M.A.R.T Goals: Specific,
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PLCs are about a group of teachers getting together to discuss/display the following characteristics: learning, collaborative culture, collective inquiry to best practices and current reality, action oriented, commitment to continuous improvement and results oriented. All of the characteristics mentioned above should be taking place inside of every PLC. The learning piece that I mentioned above has to do with the focus of the PLC. All PLCs should have a focus of student learning. Lots of times we hear of teachers that may be focused more so on the teacher teaching as opposed to the actual student learning that should be taking place. Going hand and hand with learning I feel that being action and result oriented will strongly help teachers improve the way that they are able to convey the curriculum to the students so that they students are learning the things that they need. As we continue to discuss PLCs and what they are I feel that it is also important that I discuss the Big Ideas of PLCs: 1. Ensure High levels of learning for all students. “PLCs focus on the learning of each student. Thus, the relevant question in a PLC is not "Was it taught?' but rather, "Was it learned?"” –Singapore Teachers
When we change our way of thinking from “was it taught” to “was it learned”, we then begin to set ourselves up to be more student centered. By being more student centered in our PLCs we, in my opinion, open our

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