Why Does Our Society Provide Vocational Rehabilitation Services for Persons with Disabilities?

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Nuzhat Nada

1. Why does our society provide vocational rehabilitation services for persons with disabilities?
At present, our society provides vocational rehabilitation services to the PWID because majority of them feel it is their moral and social obligation to contribute to the lives of those who are deserving of their help. Since about 50 million Americans have some kind of disability, which suggest that in every family we are likely to see someone who is dealing with disability.
In addition, since the medical field has advanced in prognosis and treatment, PWID have better chance to receive effective treatment that is likely to help them manage their life better. Therefore, citizens are more willing to contribute to
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Hence, regardless of the disorder/disability, the person is suffering from, that individual is one of the members of our society. In reality the society have played a role in their life style and disability. For that reason, the society is making a sincere effort to help and assist those who need their sincere help. People are willing to contribute in their rehabilitation because they realize that quality intervention/prevention programs are more likely to help individuals with various disabilities and decrease unemployment and promote healthy independent living, which is part of American dream.

2. Define "quality of life". Is it possible to determine that a life would lack such quality? What are the implications of your position for the use of selective nontreatment?
In American society people believe according to their constitution, they have the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. This raises a critical question? Does everyone have the same right to quality of life? What kind of quality of life and happiness do PWID have in this society? Few decades ago, majority of the people in this country did not have the insight to PWID psychosocial problems, appropriate treatment, and their adjustment to the mainstream. However, things have turned around for the better due to our socio-cultural values and of new technology. People value the lives of those who are

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