Windows 8.1 vs Maverick Essay

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Windows 8.1 versus Mac Maverick OS
1) Multi-tasking
Microsoft leads over OS X with 8.1 by allowing users to run up to four apps on the screen at once. You can’t even snap two windows side by side on OS X Mavericks. Just as important, you can now snap two Modern apps side by side and have them both take up half of the screen. Multitasking on OS X Mavericks hasn’t improved much. For the most part, OS X is best for unitasking because of its ability to run many apps at full screen.
Winner: Windows 8.1. An improved Snap function makes Microsoft’s OS the better bet for multitaskers.

2) Sharing and Social Integration

The What’s New area of the People app lets you share everything with a swipe in from the right, but the social networks
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On Sunspider (a JavaScript benchmark), Safari scored 199 ms, while the desktop version of IE 11 notched a faster 146.7 ms. (Lower numbers are better.)
Winner: OS X Mavericks. (Safari) For its social integration and faster performance.
4) Hardware Options
With Windows 8.1, most of the excitement is around touch-based hybrids that combine laptop and tablet functionality in a single device. Examples include the Dell XPS 12 ($1,099) and ASUS Transformer Book ($1,499). Cheaper Atom-powered convertibles such as the Samsung ATIV Smart PC 500T cost $579, while touch-enabled notebooks start as low as $399. Apple’s MacBook ($999) lineup isn’t ideal for those on a budget, but its machines are very good values compared to similarly configured Windows 8 notebooks. Apple actually offers apps that are optimized for is higher-resolution screens.
Winner: Windows 8.1 Microsoft wins in terms of sheer variety and many compelling options priced lower than Apple.
5) Gaming
The hottest games simply don’t find their way to Macs fast enough—if at all. “World of Tanks,” “Tomb Raider,” “Far Cry 3,” “Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3.” None of these top-tier Windows titles are available for Macs. The Mac App Store does stock some decent games, such as “Batman: Arkham City,” “Doom 3” and the earlier “Call of Duty: Modern Warfare,” but hardcore gamers are still better off with Windows.
Winner: Windows 8.1. We

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