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Global Warming

When we think of Global Warming, we tend to think of ice melting or the sun burning so brightly that it causes massive breathing problems or sun burns. What is global warming though? Global warming is also known as the greenhouse effect. It’s called this because what happens is that the earth’s typical temperature rises because gases like carbon dioxide that is created by fuels burning, or from large areas that have had trees and wildlife cut down to make room for cities and roadways. The trees and wildlife being cut away would normally keep heat moving away from the earth, now leave the earth’s surface unable to send the heat away, this creating a greenhouse effect that traps the heat on the earth’s surface and causes
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When warmer climates begin to see colder winters year after year, and colder climates see warmer weather each spring that is a total climate change and not just a temporary change in the weather or temperatures.

There are several ways that humans can help to cut down on global warming, although at the rate it has gotten to, it would be virtually impossible to end it altogether. Humans could begin by planting trees and other wildlife that would help with oxygen levels and would cut down on the amount of Co2 being released into the surface structure of the earth. People could also try to cut down on how much fossil fuel is used. Carpooling is a great way of cutting down on emissions through transportation. The fewer cars and trucks on the road at any given time will cut down the gases being released on a daily basis. People can also cut down on the amount of electricity they use at home. In recent years, the Government has already begun to phase out standard light bulbs and is urging people to use the smaller fluorescent bulbs because they use less energy than the standard bulbs use. Planting a few trees in someone’s backyard, or having a year round garden would even help to cut down on global warming. If each home in the world would just plant a tree, it would help to counteract the effects of the global warming that has already occurred.


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