Essay on You Can't Have Everything, Where Would You Put It? Hoarders

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You can't have everything, where would you put it?


Imagine you wake to find that your house is on fire. Most people

can name the few possessions that are near and dear to their hearts that

they would grab immediately before exiting their burning home.

Imagine feeling that strongly about each and every single thing you

possess, and now imagine that your home is so full of possessions that

all that stuff actually prohibits you exiting in a safe and timely manner

during any emergency situation, including a fire.

Compulsive Hoarding Syndrome affects approximately 1.4 to 2

million people in the United States. It is hard to prepare the numbers of

hoarders for statistics because of the
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Ordinary hoarders possess primarily objects. Animal hoarders

possess more animals that they are equipped to care for in their home, in

some extreme cases it involves over 300 animals. Trash hoarders, also

called Syllogomania, possess things that most of think of as trash.

There are many dangers created by compulsive hoarding disorder.

One is the health hazards created by all the items in the home that can

create an infestation of many types of bugs or even mold due to the lack

of being able to properly clean around and under the mountains of

possessions that are in the home. Some hoarders have been forced to

live in a tent in their yard to escape the infestation of bed bugs that are

impossible to properly exterminate in their cluttered home. Social

Services have removed families from their homes due to mold growing

amongst their many possessions. Injury is another common hazard in

the home of a Hoarder. Injuries have been sustained from tripping and

falling over the mounds of clutter. People have even been crushed to

their death from so many items being stacked to the ceiling that unexpectedly fall crushing them to the point that they are unable to

break free to call for help. Finally, the isolation that people who hoard

usually suffer from creates a hazard to addressing more serious

problems like depression, suicidal thoughts, or even something as

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