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Activity 19 Leading the team
To encourage participants to recognise some of the key elements of effective teams by observing or taking part in teamwork, and to give them an opportunity to practise observation and feedback skills.


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Activity 19 Leading the team
There are two threads running through any aspect of teamwork. One is the task the team has to achieve, and the other is the process by which they achieve it. Being aware of both can be a challenge to those new to the leadership role. This activity makes use of a series of role-plays to explore the elements of tasks and process, allowing participants to clarify their understanding of what goes on in teams.
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19.2 Cook Well Ltd. 4 Handout masters: 19.3 The Cook Well characters 19.4 The Cook Well meetings 19.5 The shadow’s checklist 19.6 Team diagnosis – observer’s checklist 1 Trainer’s Brief 19.7 Team roles and effective leadership styles Overhead projector and screen Flipchart and stand or whiteboard Marker pens for trainer Paper and pens for participants Space for small-group work Space for role-plays

Materials & resources

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In preparation

Make copies of Handouts 19.3 and 19.4 and cut them into their individual role-play sections ready to give out to the participants chosen to role-play the four different characters. Prepare extra copies of Handout 19.5 The shadow’s checklist, in case both members of the pair choose to play the role for part of the time. Plan how you are going to set up the meetings to ensure a comfortable setting for the participants, good observational opportunities and a chance for the shadows to give feedback between the meetings.
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