A Brooklyn Family Tale Essay

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The whole movie deals with emotions and how they grow up in that environment and that reflects in next generation’s life. Their perceptions are a lot different from my culture. One thing that I felt from this movie is whatever you see from parents or elder siblings, most of the time you will follow that way and it’s also happen in my culture also. Twenty years ago at about the same time that "Cisco" and "Stingray" Santiago became leaders of the notorious Assassination gang and Luis also became a gang leader. That movie is also a great example of emotional intelligence. This movie is kind of empathetic.
This moving chronicle of one family coping with violence, teenage pregnancy, and school failure mirrors the struggles of families in
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She also didn't have emotional self-management. Elena had so many different microsystems, her family, and her friends, at work or school. Soon, She became pregnant, stops attending school and resorts to violence in the home and on the streets. Over all, mesosystem, Exosystem and macrosystem was not good impact for her. She did have any deep relationship with her family. She gave birth a baby boy and she did not even care for him. She left him to her mother. And she thought that nobody loves her and does not care for her. She believes that her parents only care about Maggie. I think her life is kind of disaster in that time. Sister Geraldine felt empathetic for Santiago’s Family. When Sister Geraldine's was helping her family, she tied to fix her life and became a strong and part of family. Luis was also in a bad shape. He had seen their uncle Cisco who had been a gang member, which has an impact on Luis and leading him to become like one. He also had a girlfriend and her girlfriend became pregnant, quits his job, drops out of school, and the worst thing was that he threatens his mother and step father with a knife, and is thrown out of his home. He cannot control his angriness. But when talked with his mother, her mother made him understand everything so calmly. In this situation, Rosa was better in her self-awareness. Because she knew that if she let him stay in the house, which will be bad for everybody. Luis’s step father and Luis cannot

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