Essay on A Civil Injustice

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The situation that is being focused on in this paper is the fighting street crime, specifically a street gang that has been operating in Redondo Beach, California. While trying to fight this negative force in the community, the criminal justice had to come up with innovative ideas, they realize that focusing on a specific trouble area is one that is not new to most law enforcement officers. It is believed that the “shifting the focus of policing from responding to incidents to proactive crime prevention has important strategic implications, many of which involve structural changes.” (Terry 308)

This area in which the problem is taking place is a community that has adapted to the gangs and the persons that are breaking the law
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The temporary restraining order also gives police the power to arrest persons for things that they may not have been able to be arrested before at an earlier time. While you can’t get everyone for everything that are doing, the temporary restraining order also made rival gangs to think about what they were doing also. It was believed that “Rival gangs had also become aware of the significance of the park to the NSR” (Cameron, Jeffrey, Skipper, John, 1997). The police officers and the neighborhood also were concerned if rival gangs know where to find the members of the North Side Protectors gang. So it was very important to make sure that they can make ensure that the Temporary Restraining Order does work so that it can be safe for the community and the police officers.

The most objection to this type of order of getting the gang members off the street, may come from Ms. Lotoya Cameron, since she is the one that would have to convict the persons that are arrested, and because she really wants to fight gang violence, she would want to make sure that whatever the gang members are convicted of can stand, so that they won’t get back on the street, or even be able to ran their activities from

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