A Global Crime: Sex-Trafficking Essay

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“Sex-Trafficking” is a very complex and layered phenomenon. Critically evaluate some possible explanations for it's continued prevalence and seeming invincibility to regulation and control.


Organised crime has been and still an extremely talked about subject which attracts official and public attention. In response to the problem and to tackle those who commit such crime on individuals , businesses and states , certain policies have been put into place and are still highly discussed by governments and law enforcement agencies. However, the complex reality of this issue does not make it easy to resolve the problem. In the last few years the matter of human trafficking for the sex industry in particular has been
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Increased economic globalization and privatization has resulted in an increased feminization of poverty, forcing greater numbers of women worldwide to migrate in search of work. One of the aspect of human-trafficking that is the trade of women and children for the purpose of sexual exploitation is particularly happening in between developing countries and the developed 'west' as trafficked people are often moved from poorer areas to more affluent ones ( Jo Goodey, 2005, p 233) . Traffickers find most of their supply in impoverished countries where people are in desperate need for money, which makes them vulnerable and an easy target. As cases of trafficking in Europe illustrate, women originate from poor countries in transition where economic instability, in combination with civil conflict has exacerbating them to slide into poverty, e.g.: Communist countries of central and East Europe or developing countries such as Nigeria and Thailand ( Andrea Di Nicola ,2005, p 194). They are vulnerable and simple to manipulate as they have a cultural background of instability and economic uncertainty. Most women will be offered work abroad in bars, restaurants or as au pairs and at the end find themselves tricked into prostitution, shortly after they arrived at their destinations or even while they are transiting. Their passports are taken away from them and they are beaten, raped , drugged and threatened to be killed by their trafficker,

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