A Troubled Project at Modern Materials Inc Essay

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A Troubled Project at Modern Materials, Inc.
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In 1991 through mergers and acquisitions Modern Materials, Inc. was established. They manufacture product that are used as raw materials by large manufacturing companies and the construction industry. After the merger in 1994 in an effort to retain both Information Services they outsourced the department to STC. Woodson was hired in 1995 to help improve the company competitive position and profitability. His plan was to improve customer service by improving the supply chain management. This case
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The project fell behind schedule due to these problems and worse their champion Woodson left Modern Materials, Inc. in 2000. Leach assumed control of the project when Woodson left. Though an enthusiastic and forceful leader, Leach had no experience in an IS Organization. Under his management they installed the entry order system
A TROUBLED PROJECT AT MODERN MATERIALS but not without problems. Testing did not go smoothly and the system had to be reworked. Mathew West explanations for the condition of the project, West expressed major concerns about the Supply-Chain Management System Project, saying that they need to admit that the supply-chain management project is a failure, minimize the company’s loses by killing it and move on. He realized that it is hard to abandon a project that they have invested so much time and effort in, but times were so tough for the company that they could not continue to waste money on the project. West main concern was the cost of the project it was affecting their stock and profits and he feared the worst, that Modern Material, Inc. would go bankrupt. George Leach Explanations for the condition of the project. Leach recognized that the project was behind schedule and well over its budget but thought the original problems had been dealt with so the project could be completed. The downsizing of the company,

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