Essay on A Brief Biography of Marie Curie

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Madame Marie Curie’s passion for science and physics was and is, as illuminating as the glow from the element radium she is known for discovering. Marie Curie has left a magnificent imprint on the world of science and medical advancement in several ways, through determination, passion, and wisdom. Madame Curie, with the birth name of Marie Sklodowska, known to friends and family as Manya; she was the youngest of five children, and came into this world on November 7, 1867. Marie was born in Warsaw, the Russian section of Poland, now recognized as “the Vistula territory.” “Russians were replaced by Poles in all offices.”(Giroud 8) This would have an extreme impact to how Marie and her siblings would be raised. She was the daughter of two …show more content…
Sklodowska, and her siblings sitting around the fire while their father recited literature in English, French, German, or Polish. “In the eyes of his children, he had the only riches they needed to covet: culture, knowledge, and scholarship;” (Giroud 14) not forgetting M. Sklodowska’s forte’ was physics. Manya and sister Bronia had a passion for knowledge, as well as a unique relationship with one another. The girls attended the “Floating University” around Warsaw. The students of the Floating University congregated in a different location every time they met, not to alert the Russian officials. Marie and Bronia knew they needed a formal education, and came to an agreement: Bronia would go off to Sorbonne in Paris, and Manya would work as a governess to help supplement Bronia’s schooling. When Bronia was finished, Manya would join her, and she would also fulfill her dream of attending Sorbonne. During the years working as governess on Zorawski’s beet farm, Manya educated herself in math, chemistry, and science. However, nothing prepared Manya for the challenges she would face when finally attending the Sorbonne. “Most French students would prime seven years in advance to attend a university such as the Sorbonne;” (Ogilvie 23) Manya had to put in much effort to compensate for this. Although the Sorbonne has fallen behind in the sciences, Manya chose this school because of the outstanding professors. Another challenge she

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