A Comparison of Two Newspapers

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A Comparison of Two Newspapers

When we first look at these two newspapers, the first thing that comes to our attention is the different differences of the front pages of the two. “The times” has a more sophisticated feel to it, while the “Daily Mirror” seems trendier with its pictures and stylish typeface. While both papers share the same headline (about David Blunkett and the visa of his former lover’s nanny), they are very different papers serving very different purposes.

When we look at the headlines in greater detail we can see a difference in the opinions of the two newspapers. The “Daily Mirror” seems to be in favor of Blunkett, making it seem as if someone is out to get him. This is
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Another way that you can tell that these two papers are different is by looking at their second stories. “The Times” chooses to give their second story to the “Olympic Hero” Matthew Pinsent. Even though the article is on another page they chose to run the picture of him on the front page. This might have to do with the fact that is a contrast to the somewhat depressing story of David Blunkett and his former lover’s nanny. Pinsent’s story is one of victory and triumph and some people might find his story very uplifting to read. Another reason that “The Times” may have run this picture on the front page is to attract both male and female readers. Females might flock to his picture because of his appearance, while males will be interested in the fact that it has to do with sport. This suggests that the readers of the times are interested in praising the “heroes” while they scold and show their disapproval of the wrong doers.

In contrast to this second story of an Olympic hero in “The Times” we get the story of an actress from a soap-opera. This picture is probably there to attract women because of the subject of the article, but I have the distinct feeling that this picture was meant to attract

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