A Limited and Lasting Government Essay

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From their beginnings, people have organized themselves into groups within a larger system, each with his own responsibilities, for the greater good. Not everyone could be a hunter. If there were no one who knew how to prepare the food, the group would die. These early organized systems developed rules and consequences for not abiding by them. Hammurabi’s Code was one of the earliest records of rules/laws and consequences and the first time that offenders knew what their punishment would be before they faced it. The Greeks and Romans contributed the idea of a separation of power. The first self-organized or semi-democratic government in America came in the form of the Mayflower Compact in 1620. The compact restricted those who had a …show more content…
Another weakness was that it provided no way to fund the war and this was left up to the states. Over time colonist realized that it would be necessary to have a national government to solidify the colonies and called for a Constitutional Convention.
The first settlers in the Virginia colony elected representatives that would meet regularly called the House of Burgesses which was modeled after the British Parliament. The House of Burgesses developed into a bicameral legislature that would inspire the creators of the Connecticut Compromise at the Constitutional Convention of 1787. Bicameral refers to two chambers, Senate and Congress. The Connecticut Compromise or Great Compromise which combined the Virginia and New Jersey Plans would prove to be the model for our current legislative structure.. The Compromise proposed that states would be represented according to their populations. Each state is represented by two senators and the number of congress representatives is determined by the population. Initially, it was proposed that the Congress be elected by the people and the Senate by the legislature. This was changed by the 17th amendment of the Constitution in 1913 to require that all legislators, Congress and Senate, be elected by the people. In order for proposed legislation to be considered, bills must first pass through both chambers or houses and then be

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