A New and Dramatic Inspector: J.B. Preistley's "An Inspector Calls"

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Do you think all inspectors are the same? Well, if you read J.B Priestley’s play, an inspector calls you will be shocked at how much an author can make an inspector different and original. This play was an eye opener to many, many people from all classes teaching them a very good meaning towards a better world.. The ways in which the characters exits and enters mysteriously and spookily making the hairs on the back of your neck stand up. This shows how priestly uses inspector Goole as a dramatic device. I will explain furthermore about how he does this effect.

An Inspector Calls was written in 1945 at the end of World War 2 but it was set in 1912 two years before World War 1 which created irony within the audience .Furthermore
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Without the inspectors effects he would more or less have no meaning. Like how a car need tyre to work, correspondingly the play needs inspector Goole’s mystic devices for the play to work. However in one word I would describe him as ‘unearthly`, Because he knew how to make people feel frail and weak.

Knowledge and timing:
When the inspector arrives to the Birlings joyous and content atmosphere, He turns it upside down like a smile into a frown. He’s timing was also very good It was daring but yet sly….He inspects the Birling family and Gerald croft very nicely, it was tactical and well-planned although it was like he had an enumerate points against everybody, wanting to burst out like a bomb, but he kept it all within his self and kept hold of the time and his patience. Characters:
Mr and Mrs.Birling in my opinion where very uncommunicative arrogant and contemptuous high class snobs who though they were insuperable, unbeatable but what happened? The table turned upside down, that’s what happened. The inspector said it is easier to get hold of the young ones, and he was correct 'They're more impressionable' (the young ones) he does get hold of Sheila’s emotions and he knows exactly which strings to pull.

Where as Sheila’s character is strangely interesting in somewhat way, because she might be spoilt but she is aware of the situation and how to respond to it., she understood her responsibility straight away and furthermore she was acting

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