A Perspective on Cochlear Implants Essay

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For my project I wanted to focus on the different points of view and the various biases that surround the debate of cochlear implants, whether it is from the point of view of members of the deaf community, parents who have children who are born deaf or members of the medical community. Because I find that all three aspects of the debate carry valid points however often times because the point of views vary to such a drastic degree carry many biases within their individual articles. Firstly I will be looking at an article that was published in the New York Times on September 26, 2013 by Gerard O'Donoghue, F.R.C.S. Cochlear Implants — Science, Serendipity, and Success I feel that this article presents a good example of the pathological …show more content…
My second article is published through, Gauntlet University Press and was written by Julie Mitchiner and Marilyn Sass-Lehrer. It is entitled My Child Can Have More Choices: Reflections of Deaf Mothers on Cochlear Implants for Their Children. I will be using this article to show a bias point of view from within Deaf culture. In the article Julie Mitchiner and Marilyn Sass-Lehrer do point out that many members of the deaf community have in the past had a strong negative reaction to cochlear implants, largely because many members of the deaf community feel that the use of cochlear implants within infants is a form of genocide against what they feel is a separate culture from that of the hearing world. Although their article does attempt to show the medical benefits that obtaining a cochlear implant can have for deaf individual there are far more instances that show a bias in reference to members of the deaf community when it comes to the use of cochlear implants. The following is a quote from an unnamed parent that is referenced within the article. "It indicates the need to “fix” the problem. I felt betrayed and angry that doctors implanted deaf children. What does this say about me? It tells me that there is something wrong with me. Being

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