A Psychoanalytic Approach to Wuthering Heights Essay

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A Psychoanalytic Approach to Wuthering Heights

Before anything else, I would like to talk about the nature of the principle characters of this novel. I’d like to start with Catherine as she seems to be the central character of this love story. Of course the latter is my personal assumption. Catherine is the very representative of nature and naturalism. From the first chapters of novel and Mrs. Dean’s great and elaborate account of Catherine, we encounter the portrayal of wild nature represented by the moor. Totally intractable and precarious in nature, the moor is the most appropriate identifier of Catherine’s character. In fact, her childhood interest in the moor leads us to the conclusion that she has no touch of reason till the time
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Since he makes no attempt to check this aversion and, on the contrary, makes every attempt to demonstrate it over his beloved subject of abuse, namely Heathcliff, he is a representative of negative id in the story. These two characters are full of burning passion or the overt libido in Freud’s theory. They are like blazing fire which is ready to devour anyone at hand in its flames. This fire knows no human being, no courtesy and no mercy even on its holder. It is the very devil that can fling anyone over the edge of bottomless fall. It becomes conspicuous in the impudent retorts of children in front of their infinitely loving parents.

As we walk through the moor and get to Thrushcross Grange, we put the wild nature back and reach to a more soothing setting which Emily Bronte has aptly placed Linton family in this location. The members of this family are way far from the nature in all their aspects. Their skin is white and they possess blue eyes which make them unnaturally beautiful and handsome. Their manner is so confined to the codes and conventions of aristocratic life that make a framed statue out of them who have no possibility of making any mistakes. They should always be careful about their manners. They are so meticulous over this issue that the only impulse that provokes their perpetual

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